Life Steps Provides

a multitude of services to assist individual's with their unique needs, such as community base support, hourly relief (respite), hotel respite, supportive employment and transportation services. We gladly service Camden, Gloucester, Burlington, and Atlantic Counties. Support coordination gladly servicing Salem, Cumberland, Cape May and Ocean County. We provide community based services, community inclusion services & more.

Life Steps Supports

Life Steps provides Community Based services to assist and deliver necessary supports to address your loved one's daily living needs and improve their community integration. Supports include, but are not limited to:

  • Trips to the movies, amusement parks, beaches, bowling, etc.
  • Accompanying to the gym, music, dance, crochet classes, etc.
  • Nutrition training

  • Mentoring, companionship, encouragement
  • Teaching daily personal hygiene, booking & cleaning skills
  • Strengthening social skills through interaction with peers

  • Money management
  • Travel training
  • Aid with Drs.' appointments
  • Assist with shopping